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Governor Otter & First Lady Support Idaho Core Standards

Idaho’s core standards will challenge students to understand Math and English on a deeper level. Employers are looking for graduates with strong critical thinking, writing & problem solving skills. The Idaho Core Standards will prepare students to enter the workforce with strong foundations and the skills to continue learning. Learn more about the Idaho Core more »

Let’s Get Serious About Computer Science in Idaho Schools

By Cheryl Charlton From the Idaho Statesman January 21, 2015 The past several decades have demonstrated how critical computer science is as a foundational element for everyone’s education and career path – regardless of what they want to do. Computer science is relevant to doctors, politicians, musicians, teachers and astronauts. Although we know that computer more »

Steven Thayn

Encourage Idaho’s Rise in School Choice

By Steven Thayn From Idaho Education News January 27, 2015 Remember when the only education style we had was “one-size-fits-all?” Students went to the school in their neighborhood and if it wasn’t compatible with their learning styles, they had to learn to conform and just do their best. Thankfully, it’s not that way any more. more »