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Reading Is About More Than ‘Evidence’

By Mia Hood From Education Week October 1, 2014 “But what does the evidence say?” It was an unusually hot spring day on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and I was visiting a class of 8th graders who had organized themselves into book clubs. The club meetings that day overflowed into the hallway outside more »

State Gears Up for New Education Law

By Clark Corbin From Idaho Education News July 8th, 2014 State education officials are gearing up to launch a marketing campaign showing families how high school students can earn $600 for college courses and tests. Earlier this year, the Legislature passed a law creating the Fast Forward Program, which will help juniors and seniors attending public high more »

Schools: Compete for Customers

From The CDA Press July 2, 2014 King Kong and Godzilla. Sonny and Cher. Some things just go together. Public education and Pepto-Bismol. That’s not a slam; it’s an observation. Public education has held course, at times stubbornly, through decades of challenges from private schools and from religiously motivated proponents of school vouchers. Change is more »