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Idaho Charter School Network Becomes Part of Blumm

Dear Charter Supporters, We are excited to share news about our work to improve learning opportunities for Idaho’s children and families. This month we are launching Bluum, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to ensuring Idaho’s children reach their fullest potential by cultivating great leaders and innovative schools. Bluum believes that school choice helps families, children more »

24 Hour THINK – A Youth Challenge

Last month 150 students met for 24 hours to try and solve some of Idaho’s greatest problems in education, health, & STEM areas. Student groups focusing on education proposed solutions that included workforce tract programs for high school, entirely virtual classrooms, new social media platforms for teacher & students to connect on and teacher sabbaticals.

Local Event Joins Global Effort Celebrating School Choice Advocate

Milton Friedman, recognized as one of the greatest economists of the last century, will be the focal point at numerous events nationwide and around the world on July 31, 2014, including one in Idaho. The Idaho Federation of Independent Schools is hosting an event as part of the annual “Friedman Legacy Day” to showcase the more »