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I-DEA Models Digital Learning Methods

By Julie Hahn From Idaho Education News January 30, 2015 I-DEA, a statewide online school, has long been a boon to students who are homeschooled, seeking different challenges, failing to thrive in traditional settings or homebound because of health issues. This year, I-DEA expanded into its first-ever bricks-and-mortar blended learning school. At its new location more »

Audit Reveals Most Schools Don’t Use Broadband Equipment

By Clark Corbin From Idaho Education News January 15, 2015 A contractor auditing the Idaho Education Network found that more than half of schools surveyed weren’t using equipment purchased through the troubled state broadband contract. For the audit, contractors visited 30 of the 217 Idaho high schools that were utilizing the network at the time more »

Looking Forward, A Call to Serve

By Victoria Diaz From The PioLog Op-Ed contributor Growing up, I wanted to escape. As the biracial daughter of divorced, immigrant parents growing up in Oakland, California, life was far from perfect. Because I performed well academically, I saw education as my way out. By the time I got to high school, I’d attended several more »