The Idaho Charter School Network advocates, supports and gives voice to its members to ensure charter schools have the flexibility, public support, and funding to deliver high-quality education to their students and to the thousands of students on Idaho’s charter school wait lists. Your membership also provides the Network with resources to assist in the networking of charter schools and offers us the opportunity to develop support and technical assistance programs.

Governance and Leadership

Board development and training is key to creating stable and sustainable schools. Idaho Charter School Network is committed to developing governance training and resources to improve charter school board effectiveness and to assist schools with board recruitment. Training, strategic planning and board recruitment programs may be developed for schools as needed.


Financial Services

Idaho Charter School Network offers customized financial support and management for Idaho schools. We are currently piloting our offerings in three charter schools, Heritage Community Charter School in Caldwell, the Academy Public Charter School in Pocatello and the Village Charter School in Boise. This pilot has efficiently addressed short-term problems, created reliability and confidence in the operation and financial stability of the schools, all while freeing school leadership to focus on planning for the future.

Our team can help evaluate the business of running a school by reviewing financial infrastructure and identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement all while freeing school leaders to focus on their mission – educating kids.

ICSN currently offers help with:

  • Financial reporting, forecasting and analysis
  • Compliance reporting
  • Accounting services
  • Financial literacy and best practice development
  • Governance training
  • Strategic planning support
  • Board recruitment and development support

Contact us to talk with our financial services expert and learn how we can customize our offerings to fit your school’s needs.


Strategic Planning

The Network has received approval from the State Board of Education to offer strategic planning support and training to schools who may be reimbursed. According to Idaho code 33-320, all charter schools & school districts are required to develop and maintain a strategic plan that focuses on improving student performance.

We are also a qualified trainer for finance, ethics and governance training. If you are interested in assistance from ICSN, please contact Suzanne.


Cost Savings Programs

On behalf of its members, the Idaho Charter School Network creates cost savings through collaboration. As the “go-to” resource for school operations teams and administrators, the Network helps schools achieve cost avoidance and operating efficiencies when working with partners. Not only does the Network leverage the buying power of member schools via collaborative purchasing agreements, but charter schools can rely on the Network for leadership and best practice initiatives for consultations, advice and referrals.


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