Membership in the Idaho Charter School Network gives Idaho’s charter schools an important voice per public awareness and advocacy. It also provides the Network with resources to assist in the networking of charter schools and offers us the opportunity to develop support and technical assistance programs.



Idaho Charter School Network is recognized as the leader in the Idaho charter and education reform movements. The Network is responsive to the needs of its members and the ever changing education landscape. By building relationships with education leaders, funders, agencies and policymakers, the Network delivers credible, relevant and timely information that helps ensure charter school sustainability.




Content is essential to our communication both to Idaho’s charter schools and to key stakeholders. The Network continuously shares charter sector and education news with important information to school leaders, board members and business managers. Check our web and social media sites for daily updates.



Cost Savings Programs

On behalf of its members, the Idaho Charter School Network creates cost savings through collaboration. As the “go-to” resource for school operations teams and administrators, the Network helps schools achieve cost avoidance and operating efficiencies when working with partners. Not only does the Network leverage the buying power of member schools via collaborative purchasing agreements, but charter schools can rely on the Network for leadership and best practice initiatives for consultations, advice and referrals.




Governance and Leadership

Board development and training is key to creating stable and sustainable schools. Idaho Charter School Network is committed to developing governance training and resources to improve charter school board effectiveness and to assist schools with board recruitment. Training, strategic planning and board recruitment programs may be developed for schools as needed.




Idaho Charter School Network is committed to connecting Idaho’s charter schools to people and programs that advance quality and improve achievement. Building partnerships with organizations that support charter schools, like Building Hope, is important as we grow high-performing models. Our networking efforts may be done through regional events, in-person meetings or conference calls, and personal introductions.


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