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Utah’s UPSTART Pre-K Presentation to Senate Education Committee

Testimony to the Senate Education Committee By Terry Ryan, President Idaho Charter School Network February 27, 2014 Chairmen Goedde, Vice-Chair Mortimer and members of the Senate Education Committee, thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today. My name is Terry Ryan and I am president of the Idaho Charter School Network. Eighty-five percent more »

3 Things That Should Be Done to Help Rural Schools

Too often, policymakers focus exclusively on inner-city schools. By Nina Rees From U.S. News February 10, 2014 Urban schools command the vast majority of attention from policymakers and school reformers. With consistently poor performance and cross-cutting problems such as poverty, lack of health care access and hunger, inner-city schools have been the blinking light on more »

Boise Chamber Touts Pre-K Pilot

By Kevin Richert From Idaho Ed News Blog, The Edge February 25, 2014 It’s late in the session — and likely too late to influence the outcome — but the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce is throwing its support behind a preschool pilot program. In a letter Monday to Rep. Hy Kloc, a Boise Democrat more »