Let Teachers Call The Shots

From Idaho Education News September 8, 2014 Being an education reformer is often frustrating. No matter how zealously we push an idea or how smart we think it is, sometimes nothing changes. Or—the Common Core is a recent example—we make fast, bold gains at the outset, only to see our efforts watered down, neutered, or more »

New Student Data Governance Policy for Schools

During the 2014 Legislative Session, Senate Bill 1372 was passed, becoming Section 33-133 of Idaho Code. The intent of the law was to ensure that student information and privacy be respected and protected.Therefore the State Board of Education has developed a model policy for all school districts and public charter schools that governs data collection, more »

What Idaho’s Changing Student Demographics Means for Education

By Terry Ryan and Matthew Kitchen “White Students No Longer in the Majority” screamed recent headlines. Joining national trends, Idaho is undergoing significant demographic change. The state’s K-12 students are increasingly coming from homes that are less white, less rural and less wealthy. To better understand these changing demographics and what they might mean for more »