Charters Work for Minority Students

From Idaho Education News April 8, 2015 Like district schools, public charters are free and open to all of Idaho’s students regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, or disability. Yet, because of facility constraints, charters cannot enroll every interested student and must conduct a lottery to ensure all applicants have a fair chance at enrollment. This more »

Idaho Receives “B” Ranking on Latest Charter Law Ranking Report

This week Idaho’s charter school law was ranked 13th in the nation in the latest edition of Charter School Laws Across the States 2015: Rankings and Scorecard released today by The Center for Education Reform (CER). Idaho’s charter school law was created in 1998 but it last underwent significant changes in 2013. These changes included removing a cap more »

12 Things About Idaho Charter Schools

What is a charter school and how are they different? Charter schools are public schools that are freed from many of the rules and regulations governing traditional district schools. This freedom allows charters to map their own path to innovation and it is hoped, educational quality. In return for this operational freedom, charter schools enter more »