Rural Education Needs Innovators to Thrive

Rural Idaho is undergoing significant demographic change. The state’s rural population is aging and seeing more of its younger residents migrate to the state’s population centers and beyond for employment and education. Idaho is a microcosm of trends playing out across large swaths of the American interior. According to 2014 Census data, nearly 60 percent more »

2015 Legislative Overview: Education

Much of Idaho’s 2015 legislative session centered around education issues. We have compiled a quick summary of education bills that passed the legislature this year and what impact they might have on our charter schools. Legislation Specific to Charter Schools H. 309 – Public Charter School Debt Reserve – Creates a public charter school debt reserve more »

Parent Guide Answers Question: What is a Charter School?

Parents have a profound impact on the educational success of their children. Moms, dads and other significant caregivers are a child’s first teacher, and their influence on educational achievement is critical. One of the most important decisions parents make in their child’s education and development is selecting the school or academic programs that he or more »