Eagle charter school celebrates start of summer break with dance party

Eagle charter school celebrates start of summer break with dance party

KTVB Staff

EAGLE, Idaho — Teachers and administrators at North Star Charter Elementary School in Eagle treated the students to a very special send-off as they left for summer vacation.

For the last several years, they’ve held a end-of-year celebration and dance party on the last day of school.

“We all come out after school and have a big dance party with a loud speaker playing cool music,” said 2nd grader Ethan Juedes.

Kindergarten teacher Tisha Vanderwill says its the perfect way to end the school year.

“We like to send the kids off in style for summer and just send them off on a happy note and all the teachers come out and kinda do their best dance moves and send them out with one last giggle and a bright smile,” she said.

There’s even a bit of a friendly competition among the teachers when it comes to the dance party.

“Miss Davis, she like does funky dances sometimes and then like, everyone has their own dance they do,” explained 2nd grader Sophie Hansen.

Jaycee Miller, a 5th grader at North Star, agrees that the teachers dancing is a highlight of the party.

“It’s really funny, but it’s also really cool,” Jaycee said. “It makes us happy and just seeing us happy I think that makes them happy.”

Principal Shay Davis said it’s a good time for everyone.

“I think that they realize that they’re important to us and they love seeing us celebrating with them,” she said.