Charter School Board Member Development Webinar Series

During this time of uncertainty, strengthen your governance skills through the Idaho Charter School Network’s new Charter School Board Member Development webinars.

A new webinar will be offered every other week, Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM, through June. Each school board member and each school leader may participate in as many webinars as they like, choosing only the topics that interest them. If you cannot attend, recordings will be posted here, but you’ll miss the chance for live Q&A.

Webinars will be offered at no cost to participating schools. We only ask that you work with ICSN to submit a charter school board training reimbursement request to the state. ICSN will prepare the required form for you and you will submit it to the state this spring, and then forward the reimbursement amount to ICSN to cover the costs of the webinars.

Topics and dates of webinars specifically designed for Idaho charter school board members are listed below. Click on the button below to register yourself and your board members. Hurry, space is limited!

Legislative Preview | January 20th and 23rd

Idaho Charter School Finance 101 | February 3rd and 6th

Charter School Board Ethics, Liabilities, and Transparency | February 17th and 20th

How to Understand What Test Data Tells You About Your School and School Leader Performance | March 3rd

How to Save Money by Refinancing Your Loans | March 17th

2021 Legislative Session Review & 2021-2022 School Year Financial Projections | April 21st

Charter Commission Performance Framework – Academics | April 28th

Charter Commission Performance Framework – Finance & Operations | May 12

Will Your School Get Renewed? Preparing for Your Renewal Process | June 2nd

Parent and Teacher Sentiments on Schooling During the Pandemic | June 16th