Putting The Fiscal Performance Of Idaho’s Charter Schools Into Context

Putting The Fiscal Performance Of Idaho’s Charter Schools Into Context

91 percent of Idaho charter public schools authorized by the Idaho Public Charter School Commission (PCSC) were found to be fiscally sound following a recent review. These schools represent 94.1 percent of students attending PCSC authorized charter public schools. The PCSC is Idaho’s primary charter authorizer three of every four charter public schools. The remainder of

Why We Started A Charter School

Suzanne Gregg helped start Anser Charter School, one of the first charter schools in Idaho, and has been with the school as it has grown over the last 17 years – till her retirement this past year. She shared a look back at the goals they had when starting Anser. Don’t forget to share what makes you proud


Parents Believe In Charter Schools

Suzanne joined parents, students, and school leaders in North Idaho yesterday to celebrate Charter Schools Week. ‘”I saw the pride that every parent, student and leader held for their school.” This support for chartering is what Charter Schools Week is all about. Thank you to Moscow Charter and Palouse Prairie Schools for hosting us! Don’t forget to share what makes you proud of your school and tag #IdahoCSW. We can’t wait to see what you are doing to celebrate

Rep. Steven Harris Shares Why He’s A Charter School Advocate

Interview With Steven Harris Representative from District 21 and Charter School Advocate Why are charter schools important for Idaho’s kids and families? I believe school innovation and school choice are the best ways to get us out of our education doldrums. Parent involvement and student enthusiasm is the key to great education, and charter schools options encourage